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Real Estate Valuation Experts


The real estate valuation expert is a technical specialist who searches for value. Rather than acting in the market, we observe it.

The Code of Commerce is an economic law; it is not a social law like you find in housing. This gives landlords contractual freedom when setting the initial rent, fees and conditions.
This is the paradox of commercial real estate law: rather than protecting the user, the Code of Commerce protects the property rental business. It protects the capital represented by the premises, hence the importance.
Real estate valuation experts frequently intervene during lease renewals, either to establish the rental value and search for potential grounds to lift the rent cap, or to determine the amount of eviction or occupation compensation due.

About Us

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We are a firm of real estate valuation experts, specialized in commercial real estate. Our work involves assessing rental values, lease rights, businesses, eviction compensation and real estate market values).

We are an independent company whose capital is owned by Patrick Colomer and a portion of the employees.

We do business across France

with both French and international clienteles.

We have a specific database dedicated to commercial real estate.

This combines both legal and economic analysis to accurately assess rental values, lease rights and businesses, real estate market values and losses.

Colomer Expertises' main office is located in Paris,
3 subsidiaries are in Clichy (92) , Bordeaux (33) and Orvault (44).


Code of Conduct


We are proud to say that at Colomer Expertises we do not rely on outsourcing. This allows us to maintain the strictest confidentiality.

We also abide by the principles of the Charter of Real Estate Valuation and the Red Book.