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Internal Database

Our internal database was developed specifically by the firm and is under constant development. It uses georeferencing, and is updated on a daily basis.



This is a database featuring maps and providing statistics on commercial trade.




This is a database created specifically for the corporate and commercial real estate industry.



La Place de l'Immobilier

This is a database created specifically for the commercial real estate business.



Base Bien

This is the go-to database for French notaries.



The French National Office of Statistics (INSEE) Index

History of the cost of construction index since 1953

History of the rent index for the service industry

History of the commercial rent index

History of the rent reference index



La Lettre M²

This is a specialist French journal for the commercial real estate industry.



BDRI Real Estate Values Database

This database is reserved for property administrators and real estate valuation experts. It is a very reliable source.