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Residential property


In the framework of sales, estates, divorces, increasing the value of assets, tax adjustments,

Apartments, private mansions, houses, buildings split into blocks or lots, properties, castles, building land, etc.




Rental Values

By comparison




Market value of premises

Triple approach: market capitalisation of income, break down of the price and increasing the value of the property. 

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Residential property

Market Values

Dual approach: market capitalisation of revenue and comparison with sales in the sector

  • Breakdown of the price by land and buildings
  • Increasing the value within the framework of construction leases, long-term leases and capital leases.

Urban development is systematically reviewed in order to determine whether there is room for further construction.

Evaluation according to the IAS/IFRS standards:

  • Increasing the value of tangible fixed assets (investment properties): IAS 40,
  • Determination of the fair value of intangible fixed assets and increasing the value of the components.

Disorders of ownership, depreciations:

  • Assessment of damages,
  • Calculation of indemnity from the loss of property market value.

Each consultation includes:

  • Study of the location
  • Description of the premises
  • Analysis of the lease agreements
  • Review of the urban planning
  • Search for similar entities
  • Calculation of the rental value and/or the market value



In addition, in case of disorder of ownership, Colomer Expertises will assess damages and calculate the resulting indemnities.